European Circulations Programme

Early Modern European Circulations:
Objects, Networks and Cultural Spaces / Identities

November 13 & 14, 2015

Institut du Monde Anglophone
5, rue de l’Ecole de Médecine
75006 Paris
Salle 16


Following up on our days of exchanges on Early Modern Objects in London last December, with members of the Paris 3 project “Les Objets de la littérature Baroque / Objects of Early Modern Literature”, of the CEMMN at Queen Mary University of London, and of the Early Modern Research Department at the V&A, these two days will be devoted to discussing more specifically the circulation of objects in Early Modern Europe. Specialists of English and French literature, historians and art historians will share and combine their various methodologies, cross-fertilizing their respective findings on the networks drawn by the circulation of objects in Europe. Workshops will be organized thematically around a variety of objects (such as news sheets, books, fashion items, musical objects and various objects of craftsmanship) and will each include 3 to 4 short papers, leaving time for substantial discussions. We will be looking at the ways in which objects help to bring to light European networks (whether social, diplomatic, or religious), reveal cultural exchanges and cultural identities anew, and may themselves be transformed symbolically as they travel from one cultural, geographical, or literary space to another. Papers will notably examine the notions of foreignness and domesticity, national and trans-national identities, such as revealed by the material history of objects and their circulation. Special attention will be devoted to the ways in which objects reveal forms of European cultural hybridity, shape national identities, but also serve to support European (intellectual) counter-cultures which resist the breaking down of the European space into separate places.




13:30-14:45 WORKSHOP 1: Early Modern European Armour: Circulations and the Loss of Valour

13:30: Welcome
13:45: Juliette Allix (Université Paris I & Ecole du Louvre): ‘The Itinerary of Francis I’s Armour: from Innsbruck to Paris’
14:05: Laetitia Sansonetti (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre): ‘Rapiers in England: a yard and a third of European foppery’
14:25: Christine Sukic (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne): ‘“My poore stump and I”: Prosthetic Heroism’
14:45: discussion

15:30-17:00 WORKSHOP 2: Print & Paper Objects: National or European Narratives? (I)
15:30 Maria Alessandra Chessa (V&A): ‘The pervasive influence of Paper’
15:50 Warren Boucher (Queen Mary University of London): ‘Making a non-networked book: Montaigne’s Essais, family identity, and the European republic of letters’
16:10 Line Cottegnies (Sorbonne Nouvelle): ‘Jesuits, propaganda and the European circulation of prints’
16:30 Discussion

17:30–18:30 WORKSHOP 3: Print & Paper Objects: National or European Narratives? (II)

17:30 Louise Fang (Sorbonne Nouvelle): ‘Playing Cards and History Telling’
17:50 Joad Raymond (Queen Mary University of London): ‘News as a Foreign Object in European Literature’
18:10 Discussion


9:30 – 10:30 WORKSHOP 4: Craftsmanship Across the Borders
9:30 Angela McShane (Victoria & Albert Museum): ‘All the world in a Venice Glass’
9:50 Chantal Schütz (Ecole Polytechnique): ‘The European Circulation of Lutes’
10:10 Sandrine Parageau (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre): ‘Who Owned the Watch in Early Modern Europe?’
10:30 Discussion

11:00 – 12:30 WORKSHOP 5: Substance(s), Domestic and Outlandish

11:00 Spike Sweeting (Royal College of Arts & Victoria & Albert Museum): ‘Urban and Transnational Meat, 1660-1800’
11:20 Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle): ‘What’s in a Rose? : Domestic Purgatives and Purgative Poetry’
11:40: Anne-Laure De Meyer (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle): On European Circulations of Digby’s Powder of Sympathy (TBA)
12:00: discussion

14:00 – 15:45 Visit: Le Musée de la Médecine

16:00 – 17:30 WORKSHOP 6: European Fashion(s) and their circulations
16:00 Rebecca Unsworth (Queen Mary University of London and Victoria & Albert Museum): ‘Picturing Fashions: Disseminating Dress in Early Modern Europe’
16:20 Aurélie Griffin (Université Jean Monet Saint-Etienne): On Sleeves and Fashion (TBA)